Insomnia and Inspiration

I’m not completely sure how I feel about this year yet. There’s been some great developments (some of which are still underway) and there’s been some hardships, but one thing is for sure: it’s all progressing quickly. How is it April already? Lately, my focus has been on continuing with my education and writing in every way possible. Both have been challenging and time consuming, but I know I’m headed for some amazing things. Please be patient.

My best friend turns twenty-five today. I feel really lucky to have known her for most of my life. There’s something special about the rarity of it, but also because there’s memories that none of my other friends can share in…There’s exclusivity. I turned twenty-five last month, and the one thing I’ve learned over and over again is that maintaining any kind of relationship is difficult. People grow, evolve, move on, they grow apart, (and in some sad cases, they recidivate.) So, yes, I feel lucky to have this special bond with my blunt, brave, smart, wonderful, beautiful, pain in the ass, best friend. Cherish the people that make you a better person and that want better for you. Cherish the friends that love you when you’re anything but loveable…That’s what twenty-five(ish) years have taught me.

Today is also the day that Rewriting Mary Sue is featuring one of my flash fiction pieces called, Bird Song.

Like much of what I write, it wasn’t easy to put on paper. I write what hurts. I go where the pain is. Where the heart is. Being vulnerable. I don’t enjoy it, and writing…It’s putting something that you created out into the wild the world to be judged. I haven’t exactly mastered having that thick skin that being a writer requires, but at times I feel that whatever message the piece is sending is too powerful to ignore or keep to myself. I took a risk, and fortunately it turned out for the best. Rewriting Mary Sue is a fantastic website that believes in promoting realistic, strong, female characters that go far beyond the Mary Sue stereotype. To say that I’m honored, (as I  already have many times this morning,) is an understatement. The best thing that I can do with my time here is  put my heart and my art into things that I believe to be worthwhile. So, if nothing else, please go read some of the other fantastic content they work so hard to create.

Thank you to everyone at Rewriting Mary Sue, and to my readers, for all of your support. You’re amazing.

Read Bird Song:


  1. Wow. I stopped by RMS to read your piece, and it really resonated with me. My mother was in and out of hospitals a lot when I was a kid, and although her pains were primarily physical she dealt with a lot of emotional issues as well. She was always more likely to turn to me for comfort than I was to her. It’s sad and terrible to think about. Still, thank you so much for sharing!

    1. Thank you! I’m grateful that you were moved by it, but I’m sorry that it brought back some painful memories for you. Being the adult to a parent is never an easy thing to deal with. Thank you for sharing your story with me. I truly appreciate it.

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