The birds outside
greet the morning
with a bickering
like tinkering bells

the sky is powder blue
and far too vibrant
to someone who hasn’t slept yet

but the hum of the heater is welcomed
like an old friend
and the feel of these keys
are familiar

they slow the churn of my thoughts
which race back and forth
and never seem
to let me rest

This poem is part of National Poetry Writing Month (NaPoWriMo.) Yesterday’s prompt was to write a poem in which you very specifically describe something in terms of at least three of the five senses.

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I walked from a forest day in winter
to a field engulfed in summer’s night,
the cicadas were calling
and there was a lone caravan
with the door thrown open

I heard the call through beaded curtain,
murmuring softly, come inside


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Being a Poet


Having a journal like this is cool. I received it as a birthday gift from a friend a few years ago. She was disappointed that she couldn’t find a quill, but that would’ve just made my writing even messier. It does put you in that mindset, though.

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 was smaller
I am lonely

My try at a Lanturne.
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Forms I Want To Try

I found these definitions on Shot Glass Journal, they look fun and I think I might experiment with them.

The Lanturne is a five-line verse shaped like a Japanese lantern with a syllabic pattern of one, two, three, four, one.The poem is center aligned and resembles an oil lantern and thus the name. Rhyming is optional and the form is usually employed to evoke serious thoughts.

A short verse that tells a story, created by ai li, UK poet and artist. 6 line narrative poem made up of 3 separate strophes. A single line, a couplet and a tercet.

Butterfly cinquain
A nine-line syllabic verse of the pattern 2 / 4 / 6 / 8 / 2 / 8 / 6 / 4 / 2.

Mirror Cinquain – two stanza Cinquain sequence of pattern 2-4-6-8-2-9-6-4-2.

A Nonet is a nine line poem, with the first line containing nine syllables, the next eight, so on until the last line has one syllable. Nonets can be written about any subject, and rhyming is optional.

Unrhymed single or multi-stanza sestet with a syllable count of 3-5-3-3-7-5.

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I Fixed It!

Somehow I managed to fix my website! I have no idea what I did differently but it works now. Please let me know in the future if it doesn’t. Lately I’ve been on a poetry kick and I’ve been getting really inspired to write a poem (usually two) a day. While I technically started writing more poetry than fiction, fiction feels like my passion, while poetry feels like my love affair. That’s such a writerly thing to say, isn’t it? Poetry has always been therapy for me, but now I seem to have more confidence sharing it with others.

Not everything. Some poems will always be just for me and that’s okay. Much of this rekindled love probably has to do with stumbling on the website Hello Poetry. Since it’s a community of poets and sharing is encouraged there’s a lot less pressure to level up and prove myself. Some poets write short and concise, others don’t, but there’s no end to the beautiful words you can find there.

I redid the format of my website to be more of a portfolio of sorts with occasional posts like this because I realized that I liked it better that way. Maybe when I have a few more books out I can put it back to a more traditional website, but for now this informal style works just fine. What I want to is alternate material on here and on Hello Poetry so that there’s options for the reader (that’s you) about where they want to read. Do you just want to stay on here? That’s okay, but if you want even more of my work you can head over there.

Some poems will be just for myself and other poems I don’t post can be exclusive to the next book of poetry I put out. Writing two to three a day means a lot of new material and I’d like to apply everything I’ve learned so far from the last book and use it with this new one. There are still days of doubt, days where I don’t feel my work is up to a certain standard (usually my own) but the idea of a new book sounds fun.

Speaking of new books be on the lookout for Ben Ditmars’ book of poetry, Inhale The Night coming out soon. I’ve had the pleasure of reading some the poems that are going to be included and they’re amazing. I’ll post an update when it’s available. Until then you can go pick up Ben’s other work, such as Night Poems, Haiku in the Night and his work in Four Paws, a charity anthology by The Quillective Project benefiting Dog and Kitty City, a no-kill animal shelter.

The Quillective Project began as poetry collaboration between myself, Amber Norrgard, Rob Zimmermann and Scott Morgan.  I brought up the idea of using it to support a charity and Amber found the cause.  The plan was to create a book of our collected words to help a no-kill shelter in Dallas.  It is a cause I hope will catch on.  The proceeds may be going to one institution, but it will benefit all of them.

I love animals and always have.  I helped rescued four cats last week and the value of life reminded why it is important, not just to this project, but to all charities that we strive for something better than the status quo. Every time a book is purchased it’s going to benefit the sponsored organization, Dog and Kitty City. – Why I’ve Started The Quillective Project (from the desk of Ben)

Also Sarah Kay just released her first collection of poems, No Matter The Wreckage from Write Bloody Publishing. Sarah is one of my favorite spoken word poets and I’m super excited about her book release!

Following the success of her breakout poem, “B”, Sarah Kay, in collaboration with illustrator Sophia Janowitz, releases her debut collection of poetry featuring work from the first decade of her career. No Matter the Wreckage presents readers with new and beloved poetry that showcases Kay’s talent for celebrating family, love, travel, and unlikely romance between inanimate objects (“The Toothbrush to the Bicycle Tire”). Both fresh and wise, Kay’s poetry allows readers to join her on the journey of discovering herself and the world around her. It is an honest and powerful collection.

I’ve been a fan of Sarah’s ever since we watched her TED video in creative writing class, where she performed “B” also known as, If I should have a daughter and her journey with poetry. It’s a poem that has always stayed with me and it’s the video I’m going to leave you with today. So the website is fixed, more poetry from me coming soon and some great poets and poetry recommendations for you to consider. Thanks for sticking with me, and if you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them.

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My hair is always shedding
leaving strands woven into clothes or
wrapped around fingers,
falling into carpets.

Maybe my DNA is careless
or carefree
My one friends says losing hair
is natural, we lose so many follicles a day.

Another friend plucks my strands
from between her fingers, twisting it
“I’ll save it for voodoo or something,”
and she smiles.

Maybe it’s a gift
traces of myself that I’ll leave
behind, when people often disappear so quickly
leaving nothing at all.
I can’t help wondering
what other pieces of myself have I lost,
walked away from
without realizing they were gone?

Original Published on Hello Poetry.
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Twitter Poetry

Here’s some poetry I’ve written on my @NadiaJWriter twitter account. I thought it was time they ended up on here.


Micro Poems


Tanka # 1 10-3-13

The song was correct/The first taste of love, bittersweet/The first heartbreak too/No bliss in blind ignorance/Reality was unkind.


Cinquain #1 10-4-13

He drinks. Empties bottles, Hoping to fill the holes. Loving him is playing with fire. Let go.


Cinquain # 2 10-5-13

Young boy/Long ago, loved me/He is all grown up now/Memories still tug at my heart/Bittersweet.


Cinquain # 3 10-5-13

Rain falls/Quick paced tempo/Thunder claps, furious/Melody like heavy metal/My muse.


Cinquain # 4 10-5-13

Too late

cannot go back.

More chances slip past them.

Longing and loneliness whisper

“Miss you.”

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Memento Vivere: Why I Owe David Blair

The title should actually read, “Why I Owe David Blair and My Uncle Stanley” because they are the two people I’m going to be talking about today. I’ve thought about writing on this topic for a long time now, but somehow it never felt right. I never wanted to sound pompous or as if I knew more than I actually did.  I never felt like I had the right.

I have always been serious when it comes to school. I sit quietly, take a ton of notes and try to work as hard as I can. Sometimes, if I feel that I gained a lot from the class, really liked my professor or a combination of both, I will keep my notes to read over later. That is what I did with my final binder from my creative writing class and where I start the story of how I met David Blair.

David Blair
David Blair (Photo credit: Lvovsky)

My notes tell me that the date was March 28, 2011 and that the two people visiting were David Putnam and David Blair. From what I can remember David Putnam simply called the other man “Blair” and had a lot to say about the type of person he was and where he was headed. Sometimes, he’d interject with a comment to something Mr. Blair said, but otherwise stayed silent while he spoke to the class. Who was David Blair? He was an singer-songwriter, poet, writer, performer, musician, community activist and teacher. He was a man who left an impression on my life. He was someone I knew for exactly one hour and therefore, I can’t say I knew him very much at all. What I do know is that David Blair died July 23, 2011.


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Baby Steps, I’m Published!

Hey Everyone!

How are you? You read the title correctly, I’ve published a book of short poems and writings. “From the Cafe and Beyond: A Collection of Poems and Other Writings” is now available as an e-book on! It will also be available in print very soon! Please check my published work page and sidebars for future updates. To make things easier for you, I’m going to attach a few links in this post:

I’m so very excited about this development. If you enjoy my posts here you may want to consider liking and or joining the WriterGurl Ink. Facebook page!

If you do decide to purchase a copy of my book I want to thank you in advance. I wrote a variety of poems and stories, so I’m positive you will find something you love. If you buy it and love it or don’t love it, I welcome any feedback or reviews. I look forward to reading yours. This first step is by no means my last and I’m going to continue growing as a writer and a person. I plan to continue blogging here for a long time to come and hope you will stay with me. For me, this first step is my dream come true. It is proof that if you have enough confidence, believe in yourself, work hard and take a chance it will pay off. I hope that you will continue to reach for your dreams and remember that they are attainable! Never give up. I know I have a long way to go with many challenges ahead of me, but I welcome that as long as I tried I will never truly fail.

Thanks for reading! Back to the regular posting tomorrow with…Let’s Talk About Hex. Sound good?

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