Cover Reveal: Inhale the Night!

Good morning, everyone. I am super excited to share the cover reveal for Inhale the Night, a poetry collection by my friend and fellow poet, Ben Ditmars! I’ve been waiting for this collection to be released for awhile now and I’m happy to say that it is currently available for pre-order on Amazon! Speaking as […]

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Domestic Violence & Child Abuse

In the middle of the night, it always seemed like I could run away when it would get light. Sometimes I’d get dressed and lay there waiting for the sun, but when it came up he’d be there, pretending things were normal and it seemed so much better to just pretend, you know? It seemed like I imagined all the other stuff and I really wanted all of that to be something I’d imagined. And I ended up feeling like I was just as guilty as he was, like it was a crime we were committing together. And every time someone calls me a victim…I feel like I’m the biggest liar in the world.

– Dollhouse, season 1: episode 11, “Briar Rose”

Why Am I Here?

Well that’s the question isn’t it? I’m pretty much all over the internet right now. I have two websites, a bunch of social media profiles, two blogs (now) and yet, something was missing. My website is great, but when I started it I wanted to re-do it as more of a portfolio and what I […]

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