About Me

I’m a twenty-five year old poet and writer. I currently live in Michigan. I was first published in my college paper for a story I wrote called The Saint and The Sinner. Then I took a leap of faith and self-published my book of poetry/short stories: From the Cafe and Beyond.

I believe that through emotions and universally shared experiences one can always find common ground with another. If I feel something strongly and I build a story around it then I know I’m on the right track. If it moves someone or makes them feel anything at all then I’m doing a good job.

I  reach deep into my own life and the lives of people I’ve met and find the stories there. My life hasn’t been an easy one, but I believe that if it can resonate with someone else, help them in some way, then it deserves to be written about. I don’t shy away from anything and I always look for new ways to challenge myself as a writer.

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